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21 year old girl residing in Brisbane, Australia. Studying journalism and Public Relations. Driven by ambition. Instagram: @oheyitscarina

Dear Journal,

I can’t believe it’s been literally a whole year since I last wrote some updates! This is so overdue and I have so much to catch you up with! I have no idea where to even begin.

I have been the busiest I’ve ever been and I’m loving it. Since my last proper journal post on New Year Resolutions  I’ve been working hard to tick each and every one of them off, and I can proudly say that I’m accomplishing a lot of them! (And failing some too haha).

I’ll leave the whole update of my resolutions and whether I met all of them closer to New Years, but for now I’ll quickly highlight all the crazy things I’ve been up to.

I’ve been juggling 2 internships, one at a French organisation which is part of a global network called Alliance Francaise, and the other at The Pyjama Foundation, an organisation that provides disadvantaged kids with education- especially to improve their literacy skills. Doing these internships have only cemented my love for communications and public relations even more. And knowing that I’m doing work for good causes makes things a million times better.

The countdown for graduation begins! I don’t even know if I’m 100% eligible to graduate yet, but here’s hoping. Reading back on all my other journal posts, all the stress and whinging is soon going to pay off and come to an end. I have just over a month to go then I’m completely done! I can’t wait to have the scroll in my hands, and sniff it, and cry, look at it and cry some more. 4 years of my double degree about to come to an end. But THEN comes job hunting….that’ll be a whole new story.

On another note, I am beyond excited to be travelling to France in December shortly after my graduation. Long distance with Max SUCKS and I can’t wait to reunite with him! I hate that we’re apart but it’s relieving to know what we’ll never be apart again after my trip :) I’ve also sent off my resume/CV  off to France/Paris and I’m hoping to secure a short-term stint while I’m there.  If I don’t, that’s okay too! Because I’ll be be bringing my PR books (yes, I will be studying for the fun of it.) I can also guarantee that I WILL be blogging about my time while I’m there with photos videos and all!

Well that’s all for now, I don’t want to you bore you.
I can’t tell you how good it feels to write what I want, without a given topic and set word limit haha.

Will update soon! :)


Carina xxx